Ruaraka Academy Kindergarten provides a safe, friendly and caring environment where each child’s development is natured and encouraged by our highly qualified and experienced staff. We understand the anxieties most parents have when leaving their young ones to be cared for outside the home and our staff are dedicated and keen to ensure that both the parents and children adapt easily to the transition.

At Ruaraka Academy, we have developed a learning system that is interactive and fun and stimulates the love of learning. Our staff understands that children develop at different speeds and our small class sizes make it easier for a teacher to know a child on an individual level and are able to support them at their different developmental stages ensuring no one is left behind.

We have a secure outdoor play area with swings and slides that help children develop their motor skills and interact with other children. They learn to share, take turns and also play fair.

We follow a simple structured curriculum

Number work – The child develops numerical and problem solving skills

Language – The child develops communication and social skills

Creativity – The child gets creative and physical development

Environmental – The child gains knowledge and understanding of how the world around them works.

Nap time

After lunch meals, the young ones settle down for an afternoon nap. The school makes provision for sleeping mats. We believe that plenty of rest helps a child to grow.


A balanced and nutritious meal is served in the middle of the day. Children carry mid-morning snacks and refreshments from home.

Field trips

Field trips present pupils with opportunities for hands-on exploration and allow them to put information they have learned in the classroom to use in a meaningful way. On the kindergarten level, field trips planned to simple destinations allow students to see how the world works and present valuable information in an interactive way.