• Ruaraka Academy


Ruaraka Academy is set within the suburbs of Thome, in a quiet and serene environment that is conducive for learning. It is accessible from the Northern by-pass and the Thika super highway and you can get there with private or public transport.

The original wooden block was refurbished and accommodates the Kindergarten section with seven spacious general purpose classrooms fitted to accommodate young children and their learning needs. The new custom complex accommodates offices of the headmaster, director, and all administrative offices. There are twenty four general purpose classrooms for the primary level (class 1 to 8), bible room, one fully equipped computer lab, staff room and an in house printing office equipped with a heavy-duty printer and copier, (where all internal examination papers, letters home and other prints are printed).

We are lucky to boast of a School garden. It is equipped with a green house where vegetables needed in the kitchen are grown. There are plenty of fruit trees and a variety of domestic animals  (rabbits, ducks and chicken). It makes a delightful study site for the young ones who visit and learn about domestic animals and various foods we eat.