Rollball Skating

This is one game on the rise. It combines netball, handball and skating all into one. It was introduced into competitive sport 10 years ago. Kenya is currently the world’s number 1 in the women category and she is ranked 4th in the men category.

Our pupils receive practical training twice a week in this game from world renowned instructors cum players – the captains of both the women’s and men’s national teams. Emphasis is placed on skill, teamwork, concentration and discipline. That the next crop of professional players will come from here is not mere wishful thinking….

Scouting Movement

The Ruaraka Academy scouting movement is highly regarded as a movement of service to all. There are close to 100 scouts in the school whose patrons are qualified teachers; registered under the Kenya Scouts Association and the Kenya Girl Guides Association. Other than hoisting the flag, keeping the compound clean and visiting the needy in the community, the Ruaraka Academy scouting movement has also organized camps and hikes based on their main goal of developing the scout’s potential holistically.

Home Science Club

Talk of Health Education, Food and Nutrition, Laundry Work, Clothing and Textiles; and the Home Science club comes in handy. It is through such activities that the club contributes to molding an all-round child. The club’s mission is to impart knowledge and skills to the learners on personal hygiene, good health, kitchen management and hospitality. Their motto being, “Cleanliness is second to Godliness”.

Music Club

Also known as the school band, the music club is well equipped with various instruments such as; a piano, flutes, music system etc. The club gives a platform for learners to explore their talents and skills in singing, dancing and instrument manipulation.

Art Club

This club basically sharpens the creativity skills of its members in art and craft. The members make various ornaments like necklaces, earrings, bangles and wrist belts with an African touch.

4K Club

4K club abbreviated from ‘Kuungana, Kufanya, Kusaidia, Kenya’ is a unique club in its own way. The club’s motto is “Learn to do by doing”, whereby the members practice farming and agricultural activities. The school garden aids their learning.

Journalism Club

This is a club known to many as the Writers’ Club. It is in this club that learners sharpen their writing and reading skills besides speech work. Suffice it to say that the club’s projects are all to do with creativity that boosts the learners’ writing skills. The club’s motto, “Whisper the truth to the right ear.”

Drama Club

Drama club is another club of its kind. The members have their talents nurtured through participation in the Drama Festivals. The latter builds confidence in the learners, besides helping them be thorough in speaking.

Sports and Games

If you ever lacked appetite, felt bored or heavier than you wished, what would be your next course of action? It is definitely sports (physical exercises) that has cure to this, hence why Sports and Games department is referred to as “The Medical Department”, since all energies are put towards encouraging all towards body fitness. Among the activities within this arena include:

♦  Football

♦  Netball

♦  Volleyball

♦  Handball

♦  Athletics