School Arrival and Departure

♦   Kindergarten to class 5 arrive by 8.00 a.m and depart at 3.15 p.m

♦   Class 6-8 arrive by 7.00 a.m and depart at 4.30 p.m


♦  Homework will be assigned from grade 1- class 8.

♦  Parents will be required to provide a conducive environment for the child to work in.

♦  Parents should NOT do the work for the child, but instead provide encouragement and supervision.

♦  The parent should sign in the diary after the homework is complete.

♦  A fine will be incurred if the diary is lost.

Reminders/ Warnings

♦  The class teacher will enter comments for: inappropriate school uniform and games kit; incomplete homework and NOT having text books required for lessons.

♦  Three (3) reminders/warnings of the same in a term will result in disciplinary action.